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PCB designs

Crosstalk is ubiquitous in high speed and high density PCB designs

In PCB wiring, Stripline circuits can show a good balance between inductive and capacitive coupling, and the forward coupling energy is very small.

How do PCB designs control crosstalk in high speed digital systems?

The coupling capacitance between the wires determines the amplitude of the forward crosstalk pulse, and the coupling capacitance is determined by many factors, such as PCB material, geometry, line crossing location, and so on.

Why PCB designs generally control 50 ohm impedance?

In terms of PCB design, 50 ohm is also selected after comprehensive consideration. In terms of PCB wiring performance, generally low impedance is better.

Correct schematics do not necessarily result in correct PCB designs

In the high-speed era, the ideal wiring on any section of schematic diagram has become an unsatisfactory wiring on PCB, bringing a variety of unexpected high-speed problems. Therefore, PCB engineers also need to accumulate experience and theoretical knowl

Photoresist etching on PCB designs

Large PCB manufacturers use electroplating and etching processes to produce wiring on the board. For electroplating, the production process begins with the plating of copper over the outer plate substrate.PCB manufacturers

Engineers share tips for updating old PCB designs with new parts

The circuit board processing factory explained that the engineers shared the skills of using new parts to update the old PCB design

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