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PCB circuit board design

China's pcb circuit board design and manufacturing industry is a highly competitive "field of cultivation"

From the current situation, only our country has recovered the supply of products in a short time, accelerating the trend of domestic replacement of PCB industry.

Ten PCB circuit board design questions and answers

PCB technology is very complex, involving many aspects of the problem, whether in the design stage or the production stage, there are a lot of problems need to be answered.

Pcb circuit board design, let's draw some parallel lines, convenience

The circuit board manufacturer explains the circuit board design and draws some parallel lines. In terms of performance, convenience should also be taken into consideration. The extra length of the wiring is wasted.

Classic question and answer sharing about pcb circuit board design

Circuit board assembly and circuit board processing manufacturers explain and share classic questions and answers about pcb circuit board design

Pcb circuit board design distance and related safety requirements

Circuit board design and circuit board processing manufacturer explain the design distance of pcb circuit board and relevant safety requirements

Circuit board factory explains that 3D civilian PCB circuit board design is no longer far away

PCB design and PCB processing manufacturers explain that PCB manufacturers explain 3D popularization. PCB design with 3D function is changing the design and manufacturing of electronic products.

Pcb circuit board design solution to common mode interference discharge to ground

Circuit board assembly, circuit board design, and circuit board processing manufacturer explain how to solve common mode interference discharge to ground in pcb circuit board design

Explanation of solutions to various problems in pcb circuit board design

The circuit board factory explained that many different methods can be adopted to solve various problems in the design process of printed circuit board (PCB).

Common problems about pcb circuit board design skills

In this article, we mainly introduce the ten most common problems encountered in the design of pcb printed circuit board

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