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Plasma surface pretreatment in PCB board manufacturing process

In addition, before the solder resistance film coating, the printed circuit board surface is treated by plasma, and a certain roughness and high activity surface can be obtained, so as to improve the adhesion of the solder resistance film.

Analysis of common bad causes of PCB board making

PCB board common bad reasons: 1, short circuit, 2, open circuit, 3, PCB board dark and granular contact, 4, PCB board solder joint into golden yellow, 5, environmental impact

The function and process of PCB board making through hole plug are introduced

During SMT processing, plug holes are required, which have five main functions:1. Prevent short circuit caused by tin penetrating through the component surface from the passthrough hole during wave soldering of PCB; 2. Avoid flux residue in the pass hole.

pcb board maintenance experience

As long as the circuit board has detected the problem, then maintenance is easy. The following is a summary of the circuit board maintenance basic formula, convenient and practical.

Board factory industrial PCB board maintenance needs to have what skills?

The industrial pcb circuit board belongs to the industrial control industry, mainly the PCB mother board used in industrial applications, its structure usually has many card slots, a large area, a higher degree of modularity, can adapt to a wide range of

PCB board making technology

All the technical requirements mentioned above should be prepared before light painting. Such as mirroring, solder expansion, process line, process frame, line width adjustment, center hole, contour line and other issues should be in

PCB board making up technology and intelligent machine problems

Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design, PCBA processing manufacturers will explain PCB board copying technology and intelligent machine problems

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