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Will PCB be damaged during PCBA processing and assembly?

A few years ago, a colleague contacted me with a question: "How can we weld a plate with a Tg of 180°C or even 200°C at 225-245°C without damaging the plate? Even with lead boards, the peak reflux temperature is much higher than the Tg of the boards....

PCB Bancorp announced first quarter 2021 PCB earnings of $8.6 million

Our results for the first quarter of 2021 reflect our strong underwriting capabilities and focus on relationship banking. We are well positioned to capitalize on this successful momentum as the economy continues to reopen and look forward to the rest of t

What is the defect detection strategy of PCB bare board

Therefore, for the first piece inspection, it is necessary to look at the following aspects: Measure and record all properties of the board, whether it is size or resistance. Once these values have been verified by the design specification, you can rest a

What types of consumer electronics are PCB boards suitable for

What types of consumer electronics are PCB boards suitable forBasically, all electronic products need to use PCB boards, but not every electrical appliance needs a circuit board, simple electrical appliances may not need a circuit, such as a motor. So, wh

How to integrate and reorganize PCB board industry

In the tide of domestic smart city construction, strengthening the localization of PCB copy board will strongly support the wisdom of the development of all walks of life.

PCB board device package design specification

PCB board device package design specificationFirst, the purpose: This specification stipulates the requirements and precautions in the packaging design of the company's product PCB board components, ensuring that the companyThe uniformity of all PCB boar

Machine vision detection PCB board than the advantages of human eyes

Printed circuit board (PCB) is an information carrier integrating various electronic components, which has a wide range of applications in the field of electronics. Its quality directly affects the performance of products. In the process of PCB manufactur

V-CUT process problem of PCB board

The characteristics of PCB splicing machine and stable operation mechanism, prevent improper external force caused by PCB tin surface, solder joints, and other electrical circuit damage to reduce the stress of the splicing board, prevent solder joints cra

Look at PCB board industry development from electronic information industry current situation

PCB board conductive circuit pattern is not balanced or PCB board two sides of the circuit is obviously asymmetrical, one side has a large area of copper skin, the formation of greater stress, the PCB board warping, in the process of PCB processing temper

FR-4 must be known before PCB board

FR-4 must be known before PCB board1. FR-4, also written as FR4, is both a name and a standard gradeThe organic substrate material used to make PCBs consists of 3 components: resin, reinforcement material, and conductive copper foil. [1]Composition of FR-

PCB basic wiring specifications and design principles Hank

PCB basic wiring specifications and design principlesHankAn excellent PCB designer is also an excellent artist, but with the full commercialization of 5G and the popularity of IoT devices, the circuit board wiring is becoming more and more precise, the si

LED switching power supply PCB board design seven steps

LED switching power supply PCB board design seven stepsIn the design of switching power supply, if the PCB board is not properly designed, it will radiate too much electromagnetic interference. The PCB board design with stable power supply is now summariz

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