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Board factory industrial PCB board maintenance needs to have what skills?

The industrial pcb circuit board belongs to the industrial control industry, mainly the PCB mother board used in industrial applications, its structure usually has many card slots, a large area, a higher degree of modularity, can adapt to a wide range of

PCB board each layer function

The signal layers are all layers with electrical connections, which is the actual copper layer. Intermediate layer refers to the intermediate plate layer used for wiring, in which the wire is distributed.

Influence of slotting on EMC performance of PCB board

The generation of grooving can be summarized into the following two cases :1. Grooving caused by power/ground plane segmentation; 2.the through hole is too dense to form grooves.

Multi-level feel PCB board internal structure

Multilayer circuit board, usually through the hole plate, first board, second board, second stack plate these several. Higher level such as three - level board, arbitrary layer interconnection board usually used very little.

PCB board function as well as price components

With the increasing complexity of electronic equipment and the need for more and more parts,PCB board lines and parts are increasingly dense. A board with no parts on it is called a "bare board" and is often called a "printed circuit board&...

What's the difference between a PCB board and an integrated circuit?

Circuit is used as a tool for conduction between originals. In the design, large copper surface will be designed as the grounding and power layer. The lines and drawings are made at the same time. 

PCB board loss increases! What caused it?

The PCB dielectric loss factor increases, the loss becomes larger and larger, the transmission line length is larger, the loss is larger, the copper foil roughness is larger, the loss is larger.

How do you judge the PCB board

How do we judge the quality of PCB board: 1. Distinguish the quality of PCB board by its appearance; 2. From the PCB board itself to judge its quality, 3. How to judge the SMT patch processing quality: 1. A complete, smooth, polished surface; 2. The appro

PCB board making technology

All the technical requirements mentioned above should be prepared before light painting. Such as mirroring, solder expansion, process line, process frame, line width adjustment, center hole, contour line and other issues should be in

How to draw the perfect PCB board?

Priority shall be given to the layout of important unit circuits and core components. Routing signal line priority: analog small signal, high-speed signal, clock signal and synchronization signal and other key signals priority wiring.

What function should pcb board have in electronic equipment?

Almost every kind of electronic equipment, from small electronic watches and calculators to large computers and communication electronic equipment, as long as there are electronic components such as integrated circuits, in order to make the electrical int

What materials should be prepared before pcb board proofing?

In order to meet different market needs, pcb board manufacturers can open these different forms of files. Then, what materials need to be prepared before pcb board proofing? Follow long Bo technology to understand!

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