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2021 PCB ink market insight analysis and forecast

Market segmentation is as follows: By region/country North America (US, Canada, Mexico) Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc.) Asia-Pacific Region (China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc.) South America (Brazil, Argentina, etc.) Middle

2021-2026SMT LED market comprehensive research, key trends report

Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and other Asia Pacific)South America (Brazil, Argentina, Rest of South America) Middle East and Africa (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Middle East and Rest of Africa)

The concept of layer and the design of the processing layer of MARK point

The above DFM general technical requirements (single and double panel part) are only for the reference of Shenzhen Honglijer for customers in the design of PCB files, and hope to negotiate and reconcile with each other on the above aspects, in order to be

LG Innotek has officially withdrawn from the HDI market and announced the closure of its PCB business

PCB customization, BOM, material selection and other electronic industry supply chain solutions, one-stop to meet the comprehensive needs of small and medium-sized customers in the electronics industry.

PCB export business to the dark moment: cut order stack logistics encountered obstacles, turn to explore the domestic market

Based on the changes in the international trade environment, PCB industry is still under a big test, originally in the capital chain break and environmental pressure impact of small and medium-sized PCB manufacturers, are also accelerating out of the shuf

2020 Global PCB industry market status!

As a result, future digital life situations such as remote teaching, intelligent diagnosis and treatment, and AI for industrial risk control have been started in advance.

Market PCB enterprise

1. Fill in the test application form(1)Report format: If SGS report needs Chinese report, you can fill in Chinese; If you need English, please fill in both English and Chinese. ITS report is filled out in English and Chinese.(2) According to the needs, en

Pcb car market

This confusion has always existed in norms, standards, discussions, and documents. People think of stability tests as reliability tests, when in fact they are durability tests.

pcb market

Immediately afterwards, everyone, including myself, would get new phones so that we could have access to this new, wonderful technology.

Design specification for Mark points in PCB design

SMT patch BOM list arrangement Note: 3. The description must be clear. 4. There are some crucial electronic components. Considering the fluctuations of the component market and the cost, 5. 6. Coordinate values required by coordinate T/B to distinguish po

Analysis of advantages of laser marking in the application of PCB circuit board industry

In the PCB industry using laser marking two-dimensional code technology, can realize PCB production, process, quality traceability, and realize the automation, intelligent management requirements.

Automotive sensor market will continue to hot PCB copy board to accelerate domestic high-end intelligent

Copy board to change the board industry said that the car is growing in popularity, automotive sensor market demand will continue to maintain a growing trend.

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