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High Speed PCB

Shielding methods in high speed PCB design

Shielding method in high frequency PCB design: the twisted pair in data twisted pair can resist external interference and cross-talk between pairs through its own twisting at low frequency, but at high frequency, only twisting and merging can not achieve

Analysis of bypass capacitance in high speed PCB

Only each module has good EMC and low EMI can ensure the realization of the whole system function.

How does High Speed PCB Design improve testability?

The wiring design of electronic components has more and more influence on whether the test can be carried out well in the manufacture process of PCBA. Here are some important rules and practical tips.

Nine rules of high speed PCB design to solve EMI problems

With the success of high-speed PCB design, the contribution to EMI has been paid more and more attention. Almost 60% EMI problems can be controlled and solved by high-speed PCB. I have done EMI design for 4 years, and I have some ideas to communicate with

How to consider impedance when designing high speed PCB?

If there are a lot of key signals on the PCB to do impedance, you can attach a separate document, will be impedance control line display, and explain the value and error to do, circuit board factory will adjust the control of these "important signal&...

Design and optimization of high speed PCB through hole

In modern high speed digital circuit design, the influence of hole on PCB signal integrity cannot be ignored. In the multilayer plate, the hole can play a good connection role, its parasitic capacitance and inductance can be ignored.

Are there any tips for high speed PCB design?

In PCB design, wiring is an important step to complete the product design, it can be said that the previous preparatory work is done for it, in the whole PCB, the wiring design process to limit the highest, the most fine skills, the largest workload.

High speed PCB design Guide

The main reason of reflection signal: too long running; Transmission lines with unmatched terminations, excess capacitance or inductance, and impedance mismatches.

You must know the knowledge of high frequency high speed PCB test

The production process of high frequency and high speed PCB board is basically the same as that of ordinary PCB board.

High speed PCB design to solve EMI problems nine rules

With the decrease of signal rising time and the increase of signal frequency, we pay more and more attention to EMI problems of electronic products. Almost 60% EMI problems can be controlled and solved by high-speed PCB.

25 simple high speed PCB design tips

Designing high-speed systems requires not only high-speed components, but also genius and careful design.

What problems should be paid attention to in high speed PCB hole design?

he PCB hole is mainly composed of the hole, the bright plate area around the hole, and a part of the power layer isolation area. In high speed PCB design, it is often necessary to use multi-layer PCB, and the hole is multi-original.An important factor in

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