Kingford focus on the high-quality PCBA order demand of "Multiple varieties, medium and small batch, and short lead time".

Automotive PCB

Automotive PCB printed circuit board Supply chain -- Symbiotic thinking collaborative supply chain innovation

With the continuous improvement of automobile safety, comfort and intelligence, PCB (printed circuit board) products are also facing the development of intelligent and green needs.

The development of new energy vehicles drives the demand of automotive PCB industry

he two most important development directions are new energy vehicles and autonomous driving system, among which the two major demand growth factors of domestic vehicle PCB are new energy vehicle power system and ADAS system.

Revenue and net profit increased year after year automotive PCB market advantage is obvious

No matter in the production of mobile phones and home appliances, or in the manufacturing of ocean and space exploration products, all electronic equipment must use PCB, which has remarkable irreplaceability.

Six methods to reduce the defect rate of automotive PCB

Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design and PCBA processing manufacturers explain the six methods to reduce the defect rate of automotive PCB

Method of Optimizing Defect Rate of Automotive PCB

This article is about the method of optimizing the defect rate of automotive PCB in the testing process of automotive PCB enterprises

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