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Professional Security Electronics PCB Assembly at Best Price

CCTV cameras are a great way to keep your home or workplace safe. As well as providing you with videos of any events that may occur, they also serve as a visible deterrent to criminals.



Within the framework of the confidentiality agreement between us and our customers; we make proposals based on the technical documents of the electronic cards planned to be produced.

By supplying the components and PCBs to be used in the project, we aim to produce electronic cards at international standards, and in this direction, we deliver the cards that complete the assembly and testing processes without error thanks to our high-tech machines and equipment.



We supply the materials used in the production of electronic boards such as PCBs and Sieves, especially SMD and TH components, as soon as possible and store them in ESD protected environments until production begins.



We work closely with our customers and provide consultancy services to make your designs more suitable for mass production. In addition, Electronic card modernization (TH - SMD Conversion) is among our services.



We aim to deliver cards with zero error to you with our expert, trained and experienced team at all stages of electronic card production and we support this with our quality control process.



We subject the cards, whose production process has been completed successfully, to the necessary tests with test equipment designed according to the project.



In our work, the information received from our customers (Design, Application, Financial, etc.) is carefully protected against third parties and is not used for other purposes in any way.


Reliable and Fast Turn Assembly of printed circuit boards

On the basis of our own assembly and assembly production, we carry out the following types of assembly:

●  Automatic assembly of printed circuit boards;

●  Manual assembly of printed circuit boards, SMD and DIP components;

●  Mixed one- and two-sided installation of any complexity;

●  Lead-free, lead-free and combination mounting;

●  Dismantling and installation of BGA cases with X-ray control;

●  Installation of mechanical and electromechanical components;

●  We carry out moisture protection with varnish and filling with compounds.

We offer our customers both urgent installation of pilot batches of products within a few days, and serial production of small, medium and large batches of products according to an agreed schedule, and we guarantee strict adherence to the agreed terms of installation.


Modern and professional equipment

Our assembly and assembly production is equipped with modern and professional equipment to perform any type of assembly.

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