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Our employees are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in the field of lighting, electronics, engineering and thermal management. We create new generation POWER SUPPLY products, increase the efficiency and energy efficiency of lighting equipment.

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Our project managers have specialized technical education and are always ready to give competent technical advice. We value our clients and guarantee a personal approach and prompt solution to each customer's problems.

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Kingford has been operating in the power assembly market for many years and values ​​its reputation; therefore, the main priority for us is strict adherence to delivery times and fulfillment of warranty obligations.

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We adhere to a flexible pricing policy and take into account the interests of each client, offering the most favorable and convenient terms of cooperation, which allows us to purchase high quality goods at competitive prices.

Power supplies

● Uninterruptible power supplies for security systems, video surveillance and security and fire alarms;

● Serial production, direct deliveries from the warehouse;

● Possibility of manufacturing according to individual technical assignment;

● Various housing options (metal / plastic).


Modern Equipment

For winding chokes and transformers; filling products with compounds; cleaning of printed circuit boards; pad printing; cutting and crimping of cable products.

PCB Assembly

The complex assembly area of ​​electronic equipment is equipped with all the necessary equipment for assembling, checking and testing the assembled products.


Programming of microcontrollers used in products.

Low prices

We provide low prices without compromising quality.


As with other devices, contract manufacturers are leaning towards surface mount technology for their power supplies. At low voltage and current levels, this is an adequate method for power supplies, but other situations may require the use of through-hole components, improved insulation, and heavy copper tracks to deliver high voltages and currents.

Most high voltage and high current components in power supplies tend to be large and heavy, even if they are surface mount type. This applies to inductors, capacitors, high power resistors.

High Accuracy of Mounting Components

Mounting such large components on a PCB requires special care when soldering with soldering machines. In a soldering machine, the PCB with all the components on it goes through the preheat zones before soldering. After the soldering is completed, the device should cool down.

The temperature at which lead-free solder is soldered is higher than that required for lead solders. Therefore, the PCB must be heated to a higher temperature. However, the presence of high volume and mass components presents a problem for preheating.

The Importance of Mass components on PCB Board Assembly

Larger components take longer to warm up as they are heavier. While they are heated to the correct temperature, the other components around them suffer from excessive heat. Accordingly, large components create a shielding effect that does not allow neighboring small components to adequately heat up, which leads to poor soldering.

Heavy copper tracks present the same problem as described above. As the mass increases, the copper requires more heat to reach the required temperature before brazing. If the heavy copper tracks do not reach the required pre-temperature, the solder on their pads will not melt properly and the components will not adhere to them.

Designers need to adjust the temperature profile for such devices passing through the soldering machine to allow them to warm up sufficiently before they enter the soldering zone. This may require placing thermocouples at specific points on the PCB, especially near larger components and heavier copper tracks, to assess the temperature variation they experience as they travel through the soldering machine.


While designing PCBs and assembling them for power supplies is not an easy task, it is not black magic either. Follow the best practices developed after long hours or trial and error, and getting a final design that works efficiently and effectively won't be very difficult. Of course, it can take some expertise to build quality PCBs for power supplies with heavy copper and large components, but success is still possible.


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