PCB Assembly Equipments


Turn Times
same day through four week turns
Scheduled deliveries

Parts Procurement
Partial Turnkey

Assembly Types
surface mount(SMT)
Mixed Technology(SMT/Thru-hole)
Single or double sided placement

Solder Types
Lead-free/RoHS compliant
No-clean process available

Other Capabilities
Repair/Rework services
Mechanical Assembly
Electromechanical Assembly

No minimum order quantity
Engineering prototypes
Low cost first article builds

Laser cut stainless steel
Nano-coating available

Component Types
Passive Components
As small as 0402 package
As small as 0201 with design review

Ball Grid Arrays(BGA)
As small as .35mm pitch
All BGA placements are x-ray inspected

Fine Pitch Components
As small as 15 mil pitch

Laser cut stainless steel

SMT Line
GKG Auto. Printing Machine

SMT Line
SMT Line : 10
DIP Line : 6
Test Line : 6
High-speed SMT machine : 50 Modules
Auto. Solder Print machine : 10
Testing machine : AOI, X-Ray, Auto. separate machine, BGA repair

GKG Auto. Printing Machine
Printing Accuracy : +/-0.025mm
Repeated Accuracy : +/-0.01mm
Print Cycle : <7.5s
Screen Frames : 420x520mm – 737x737mm
Be printed PCB size : 50x50mm – 400x310mm

MPM MONENTUM Printing Machine

MPM MONENTUM Printing Machine
Maker : MPM from USA
Max. PCB size : 609x508mm
Max. Load-bearing : 4.5KG
Printing Speed : 13/11/9/7.5s
Repeated Accuracy : +/-12.5um
Printing Accuracy : +/-25um

Solder Printing Inspection Machine

Solder Printing Inspection Machine

PN : KY8080
Type : single track and double track
Resolution ratior : 1.0um
Accuracy : +/-20um
PCB Size : 50×50-350x580mm and 50×50-350*320mm
PCB thickness : 3-3.5mm
Power Supply : 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Air Supply : 5kgf/cm2 (0.45MPa), 2NI/mn (0.08cfm)
Equipment Size: 800x1335x1627mm
Equipment Weight : 600-650kg


Panasonic NPM-D3
PCB Size : 50×50-510x590mm
Assembly Speed : 84000 CPH
Assembly Accuracy : +/-40um
SMD Size : 0201

Reflow Soldering

Reflow Soldering
PN : JTR-1200/JTR-1200-N
Equipment Size : 7050x1660x1530mm
Equipment Weight : 3350-3450kg
Heating length : 4640mm
Normal power consumption : 12-13KW
Heating up time : 30 minutes

Phoenix X-Ray

Phoenix X-Ray
Open Tube : 225KV
Feature : OVHM Five-axis CNC control system
Angle of inclination : 70 degree
Magnifying Power : 1400X
Afbeeldingsresolutie : 1um
Rotary table : 360 degree inspection
CCD Camera : 2 Million Pixel

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