Why reliable One stop pcb assembly services are must in 2021

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One stop pcb board assembly of electronics in the LED industry

The beginning of One stop pcb assembly was in 2007, even before the adoption of the law on energy saving, a sharp increase in the quantity of organization and the supply and production of energy saving lights began in the USA. Also the most low power consumption lights were LED.

The article describes how features during assembly are or may be faced by manufacturers of lighting products. Certainly it will be interesting information to companies that already have or would like to have a surface mounting workshop, where the assembly of PCB for lighting products is carried out.


Understanding one stop pcb assembly with examples

Let’s start with a simple one: which of the boards needs to be assembled for the production of such an end product as an LED lamp. And here the production of most luminaires requires the assembly of only two types of boards: the power supply board and the LED cluster itself.


Power supply in One stop pcb assembly

● Firstly as for the power supply, it mainly contains components installed in holes
● secondly a small number of surface-mounted elements, without any complex microcircuits with a small lead pitch and small components.
● For instance (capacitors, transformers, varistors, etc.)


LED cluster in One stop pcb assembly

● Firstly the LED cluster itself contains only surface-mounted components,

● Moreover, the number of component types in LEDs depends on module and complexity.

● For instance LEDs, resistors, lenses, etc.


The arrangement of One stop pcb assembly

Necessarily the One stop pcb assembly of at least two types of boards for each type of luminaire. The range of luminaires is about five models in each lighting segment. The functional size of LED companies operates between 1/2  segments. The capacity of the components installer is 15000-20000cph.

A screen printer is required, usually automatic. Since chamber ovens are not suitable due to low productivity, and cheaper options with IR heating will not provide the uniform temperature distribution. Thus, the total range of boards assembled is approximately 40-50 types of products.


Solution for organizing One stop pcb assembly

Furthermore, let us describe the solutions for organizing a One stop pcb assembly and assembly site using the example of large Chinese manufacturing companies and note certain features of this production. Depending on the solder paste application.

Solder paste application

The PCB  assembly begins with the stage of applying solder paste to the board. Since in the lighting industry, the dimensions of the workpieces reach 600 mm in length, and sometimes even more. This is all connected with the LED analogs of the T8 fluorescent lamps popular in the USA.

SPG printer

World-famous Japanese company Panasonic is perfect. The SPG printer is capable of applying paste on boards up to 650 mm long, has an automatic stencil cleaning system moreover  a system to control the quality of solder paste application (SPI), which significantly increases the print quality.

 In addition, the One stop pcb assembly also begins with the implementation of a printer system, which takes into account even a slight deflection of large boards.If we consider the production, which has a smaller volume, then you can save on automation. So, for instance, the SP 1200 lbs. 


Installation of surface-mounted components

The AM100 installer has several features that ensure high-quality component installation, as well as optimize the One stop pcb assembly process for luminaire boards. AM100  is capable of working with boards up to 1600 mm long, and the installation speed reaches 35,800 sets / h.

In addition to SMD components, the machine can carry out the installation of components in holes with a special gripper. Panasonic offers solutions for the LED industry, such as, a special set of grippers for all types of LEDs and software that controls the installation of LED components.


Reflow in One stop pcb assembly

In case, if more than one installer is used in production, then all of them are located in one line.Only a few lighting manufacturers can afford to service two assembly lines at the same time. Therefore, as a rule, the One stop pcb assembly is carried out one by one – either power supplies or clusters. 

Or, as an option, the line with a double conveyor works, but this is a very rare case. Convection conveyor stoves are used, ranging from six zones or more. The number of zones in a given industry is more likely due to the required line capacity, as more zones speed up the soldering profile.


Installation and soldering of terminal components

Let’s move on to the next stage of electronics One stop pcb assembly. There are special universal component installers, such as the Panasonic NPM-VF, capable of mounting pin components, both axial and radial. 

 Soldering is carried out either manually by installers or using a wave soldering machine. After that, the assembled boards are sent to the stage of applying for moisture protection or immediately to packaging.


Quality control of One stop pcb assembly

 There should be additional stages of One stop pcb assembly, which improves the quality of products. Optical inspection is an important step in electronics assembly. When assembling boards, many defects can occur, such as misalignment, missing components, short circuits, insufficient solder, etc.

Defects have many types, for the detection of those defects. Automatic optical inspection systems do an excellent job with this task. 


Advantages of One stop pcb assembly

Thanks to this One stop pcb assembly, it controls the quality of the soldered joint, determining the wettability of the lead/pad and the amount of solder, which cannot be done by analogs using monochrome backlighting. For the implementation of electrical control, special in-circuit control systems are used.

  Certainly, the adapter control system is the best solution in lighting production the same products are assembled, it is advisable to purchase one testing installation and several adapters for it. The adapter control systems control both on a stand-alone installation and an in-line system.

reliable One stop pcb assembly


Auxiliary equipment one stop pcb assembly

In the production of luminaires in which the lenses are mounted on LEDs, additional equipment is needed so that you can apply glue to the lensMoreover for glue application, both a free-standing system and an installation dispenser installed in the SMD can be used.

Special UV-conveyor ovens are used for polymerization. Nowhere did we mention the cleaning phase of the collected products. This is since, in this issue, lighting manufacturers are divided into two fronts. One part always launders the PCB assembled boards, while the other never did and does not intend to.


Increasing the quality of product

If you do not delve into the technology, then the first case is a standard approach to the production of electronics, where the board must be cleaned of flux residues to exclude possible short circuits and peeling of the moisture-proof coating. 

As a result of focusing on the above-described set of equipment, moreover uses dry storage cabinets, antistatic furniture, tools, and other trifles that will make life easier for the installer and, as a result, increase the quality of the products.


Assembly of printed circuit boards as a prototype, small series or series

One-off items, prototypes and small to medium-sized series of approx. 1 – 10,000 pieces per delivery lot are our daily business. We have specialized in this and our entire processes are optimized for this. 

We are therefore able to deliver even the smallest quantities at low cost and in professional series quality. From circuit board assembly to device assembly and system integration, we offer you complete solutions in controlled quality. 


Best Team and Tools for Quick turn Production

Flexible production lines for SMD assemblycreate short set-up and response times. The project and engineering team at KingFord supports you in all phases of product development. Modern software solutions help us with order processing along the entire process chain. 

Documentation, material procurement and production planning are directly intertwined. The powerful system enables us to produce small to medium-sized batches in particular at attractive conditions with minimal administrative effort. 

This avoids unnecessary errors or delays. The barcode-supported tracking system ensures seamless tracking. All components are recorded on an order-related basis and can thus be precisely assigned to each delivery batch.

One stop pcb assembly