Factors influencing DFM analysis and how to solve them

DFM     |      2021-10-16 17:27

The goal of DFM is to reduce manufacturing costs without compromising performance. In addition to the DFM principle, the following factors may affect the manufacturing design and assembly design.

l Minimize the number of parts

Reducing the number of parts in a product is the fastest way to reduce costs, because you are reducing the amount of materials required, engineering, production, labor, all the way to transportation costs

l Standard parts and materials

Personalization and customization are expensive and time-consuming. The use of standardized quality parts can shorten the production time, because such parts are usually available, and the consistency can be more certain.

The material is based on the intended use of the product and its function. consider:

l Create a modular assembly

By using non-customized modules/modular components in the design, the product can be modified without losing its overall functionality. A simple example is a basic car, which allows you to add additional functions through modular upgrades.



l Efficient connection design

Can the parts be interlocked or clamped together? Look for ways to connect parts without using screws, fasteners or adhesives. If you must use fasteners, please pay attention to the following points:

  • Keep the number of fasteners, size and change to a minimum
  • Use standard fasteners whenever possible.
  • Use self-tapping screws and chamfered screws for better placement.
  • Stay away from screws that are too long or too short, separate washers, screw holes, round and flat heads.

l Minimize reorientation of parts during assembly and processing

The design of the parts should ensure that minimal manual interaction is required during production and assembly.

l Simplify manufacturing process quantity

The more complex the process of manufacturing a product, the more error variables are introduced. Remember what Jeff said: All processes have limitations and capabilities. Only those operations that are essential to the design function are included.

l Define “acceptable” surface finish

Unless it must be an exhibition grade, please choose function rather than flashy surface treatment.