X-Ray Inspection

Kingford is your turnkey PCB and assembly partner in China. In order to provide first-class quality and one stop service to our customers, and increase customers’ confidence in Kingford’s quality. Whether it is sample or high volume production, all IC products will be X-ray tested before the shipment. Then hand it to the customer after passed the testing. Especially like smart products, medical products, automotive products, etc.


After our careful selection, we finally chose SCIENSCOPE. They have rich experience in PCB inspection and production, to meet the high-end needs of PCBA professional customer.


X-Ray tester application scope:

1. IC packaging inspection;

2. Internal flaw detection of some metal devices;

3. Detection of capacitance, resistance and other components;

4. Detection of short circuit, open circuit, cavity and cold welding;

5. BGA, CSP, FlipChip test oPCB board welding situation;

6. Internal flaw detection structure of electric heating tube, lithium battery, precision device, etc.


X-Ray Type
Tube Style Closed tube
Tube Voltage 90kV、100KV
Applicable Field BGA Inspection, Packaging Components, Electronic Connectors,

Aluminum Die Castings, Electrical and Mechanical Parts

Field of View 50mm*50mm
Image Transmission Speed 5FPS
Resolution 1536*1536
X-Ray Launch Tube
Type Focal Spot Size 5um
Tube Current 265uA

Geometric magnification: 25

System Magnification: 250

X-Ray Cabinet
Boundary Dimension 1100mm(L) x 1200(W) x 1530mm(H)
Automatic Switching Power Supply AC 110 – 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Radiation Safety <1uSv/h

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