What is EMS, the difference between EMS, OEM ODM

EMS: The abbreviation of Electronic Manufacturing Services,Electronic professional manufacturing services are also known as ECM. It is an emerging industry. It refers to the provision of manufacturing, purchasing, design and logistics services.


Compared with traditional OEM or ODM services which only provide product design and OEM production, EMS vendors only provide professional manufacturing and management services, such as material management, logistics transportation, and even product maintenance services.

In fact, there are many processes and links involved in the production process. EMS is a full-line service, including product development, product production, which of course includes product procurement, product quality management, and transportation logistics. Generally, EMS includes the above services

From the perspective of market layout, the major large-scale EMS , most of which are oriented to telecommunications and computer fields, and most of them provide value-added services. However, the main attention of these EMS providers is still in the European and American markets. Even for Asian EMS such as Flextronics, sales in Asia account for only a small part of its sales revenue.

Low labor costs have greatly promoted the contract manufacturing of low-end products, especially for the manufacture of products with cheap raw materials and a lot of manual assembly, such as inkjet printers, etc., which clearly shows this advantage. China is becoming the largest EMS manufacturing base in the world

Moreover, China’s supplier base has been gradually established, with emphasis on logistics in recent years,The Chinese government’s increased investment in infrastructure and offer favorable policies for electronics industry, all have made China’s EMS providers even more powerful.


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