What is AOI?

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is an important technology to improve product yield and productivity in industrial processes. The AOI system is mainly composed of hardware devices such as cameras, lenses, light sources and computers, as well as programs written for required functions. Constituted.

The AOI system uses lenses and cameras to replace human eyes, captures optical images of product appearance, converts information such as brightness, color, and pixel distribution into digital signals, and then uses computers and programs to perform various mathematical operations on these signals to extract features of the target , Analyze and interpret the content of the image, and then output the result according to the preset tolerance and other requirements.

It can be used to detect various defects such as breakage, deformation, missing parts, stains and scratches on the product, or to measure the length, angle, area, position, and quantity, and whether it meets the standard. The traditional way of quality inspection by manual inspection, inevitably will face the problems of high cost, slow speed, insufficient sampling quantity, and missed inspection and misjudgment caused by fatigue. These problems can be solved by the introduction of AOI system, and more To achieve the goal of 100% full inspection of a large number of products.

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 In addition to the application of quality inspection, the AOI system can be further integrated with process equipment to locate and calibrate materials or components on automated production lines, or automatically read and recognize one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes on materials, which greatly improves Production efficiency and accuracy of production records reduce the need for labor.

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Lighting equipment is a key part of the AOI system. In addition to providing a stable and controllable light field, it illuminates the object under test with light sources of different incident angles, directivity or different colors. The goal is to improve the image to be detected. Contrast between details and background (Contrast) to reduce the complexity of subsequent software operations.

 The material, color, surface shape and structure, roughness, reflectance (or absorptivity) of the object to be measured, etc., are all important parameters that affect the choice of light source. As the function of the AOI system is complex, the light source is also facing With the development of multi-angle, multi-segment or multi-color composite light sources, the integration of light source controllers and computer programs has become increasingly important.

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