The process of sample PCB assembly

Do you know what is the processes of sample PCB assembly processing go through in existing SMT chip processing plants? The process of sample PCB assembly includes the following process:


1.Communicate and consult with customer, and docking files.

2.Engineers evaluate the production technology.

3.Quotation. This stage is divided into three parts:

(1) Printed circuit board;

(2) Electronic components;

(3) Assembly cost.

Because PCBA is a one-stop process for the entire process. So, all processes from engineering documents to finished products must be evaluated.

4.Preparation for DFM file.

DFM (design for manufacturability) or processing technology manual.

5.Components sourcing.

The purchaser of the patch processing plant will collect the components.

6.Warehouse: Enter components to warehouse; Receive components; Prepare components.

7.Processing. Enter the production link.


The test after PCB assembly is including functional test, burn-in test, programming test, signal test, etc.



Assembly includes single product assembly, component integrated assembly, etc. In the assembly process, static electricity needs to be strictly controlled to avoid damage to finished products that have passed the test.


Through a simple combing of the entire process, I believe you already have a preliminary understanding of the production process of a professional PCBA processing plant. Because compared with the traditional processing, it only has more the fabrication of printed circuit board, components sourcing, components inspection, sample storage, etc.

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