Some Notice When you copy PCB

It has many attentions when copy PCB, KINGFORD would like to share more information and reference~!


Customer notice:

1. Please provide PCB that must be intact;

2. Please offer accurate requirement od you need, such as whether need BOM and sample;

3. Provide more information that can help to copy quickly;

4. Please take care to pack and ship out.

Notes when copy PCB:

1.When copy and make BOM list, the component setup should be follow PCB files standard, otherwise make it wrong;

2.Please take care about the components polarity and direction when dismantle the PCB, that can help to restore most exactly board;

3.Don’t for get to records before copy;

4.Please adjust scanner’s resolution is high, that can help to check the details of PCB easily;

5.Be sure the PCBs dimension as the same as original copy, because the component can’t not assembly if different size;


1. The final copy file different as original PCB;

2. The final size different as original board;

3. Excessive wear plate;

4. PCB document can not add network;

People know the PCB copy flow path, however, if follow the flow step by step that can reduce many error probability, why not ? Hope it helpful ~!

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