It’s hard to get one “Gun”? Let Kingford solve the PCBA assembly of forehead thermometer for you!

In 2020, no one would expect to open in this way. The sudden COVID-19 virus this year touched all our hearts.At present, everyone should prevent and control and contribute their own responsibilities. In order to control the outbreak at the same time also need to restore economic development, now the national resumption of production is being carried out in an orderly manner.”body temperature” has become a hot word that most people are concerned about. And the forehead thermometer has become a line of defense for the “epidemic” of war every day.


What’s forehead thermometer?

The forehead thermometer is also called an infrared thermometer, which is designed for measuring the forehead temperature of the human body. It is very simple and convenient to use. Accurate temperature measurement in 1 second, no laser point, avoiding potential damage to eyes, no need to contact human skin, avoid cross infection, one-click temperature measurement, and check for flu.


What is the function of the forehead thermometer?

The function of the forehead thermometer is obvious, it is measuring temperature. Forehead thermometer can replace traditional mercury thermometer. At present, most companies use the forehead thermometer to detect body temperature.It not only has a fast temperature measurement speed, but also guarantees the accuracy of temperature measurement, which greatly saves time. The forehead thermometer is an infrared thermometer. Infrared is relatively safe for the human body and does not need to contact the skin, so there is no need to worry about side effects on the body.


Kingford is a forehead thermometer PCBA assembly manufacturers!

A professional forehead thermometer PCBA is in Kingford! Provide SMT, DIP,  testing and delivery one-stop service to ensure quality, Face recognition body temperature machine, Contactless Thermometer, Rapid thermometer, Infrared thermometer, One-button thermometer, Temperature measuring instrument, High-precision thermometers and other medical equipment PCBA assembly.


Kingford has passed ISO13485 quality management system. Support EMS assembly of PCBA circuit boards and electric units for medical device, If you have any forehead thermometer PCBA inquiry, just contact us! More professional,More assured!


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