Development trend of pcb electronics industry in 2020

With the increasing proportion of China’s PCB output value in the world, the PCB industry in mainland China has entered a stage of sustained and steady growth. In 2017, the output value of China’s PCB industry reached USD28.08 billion, and the output value of China’s PCB industry will increase from USD27.1 billion in 2016 to 31.13 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.5%.

PCB Industry Overview

PCB is a printed circuit board, which is mainly composed of two types of materials: insulating substrate and conductor. It plays a supporting and interconnecting role in electronic equipment.The advantage of using a circuit board is that it greatly reduces errors in wiring and assembly, and improves automation and production labor rates.At present, the application field of PCB involves almost all electronic products and is an essential basic component in modern equipment.At the same time, with the continuous improvement of technology, its demand is stable and will continue to grow. The PCB industry has become a global industry with an annual output value of more than USD50 billion.


PCB development trend

PCB is a necessary component for most electronic equipment products, and its downstream applications cover a wide range of fields, including communications, computers, aerospace, industrial medical, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics. From 2009 to 2016, the proportion of communication and automotive electronics PCB applications increased most significantly. Research data show that in 2020, the automotive and industrial medical markets will grow the fastest in the PCB downstream sector.

Automotive electronics PCB

The degree of electronicization is the main differentiated index for measuring modern automobile technology. The application of electronic technology not only improves the vehicle’s power, economy, and safety, but also improves the stability and comfort during driving, which can significantly improve the overall vehicle performance.Automotive electronics can be divided into two major categories according to their application scenarios: body electronics and car electronics: body electronics are used in car body systems, while car electronics are used in auxiliary systems mounted on cars. The heavy use of electronic devices will enhance the application of PCBs in automobiles.


As HDI embodies the most advanced technology of contemporary PCB, it brings fine wiring and tiny aperture to PCB.In the application of HDI multi-layer board terminal electronic products-mobile phones (mobile phones) are a model of HDI cutting-edge development technology. In mobile phones, the micro-conductor of the PCB motherboard has become the mainstream. In addition, the conductive layer and the thickness of the board have been reduced; the miniaturization of the conductive pattern has brought about high density and high performance of electronic equipment . HDI has promoted the development of mobile phones for more than two decades, driving the development of information processing and control of basic frequency functions of LSI and CSP chips (packages) and template substrates for packaging. It has also promoted the development of PCBs, so it must continue to develop along the HDI road.


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