5G will open a new times of communication boards

With the rapid development of communication technology and the commercialization of 5G in the future, the application of PCB in the field of communication will be further deepened.In addition to automotive electronics and new energy automotive catalysts, 5g has great potential for future growth in PCB industry, which will also affect the future development trajectory of the entire communication industry and consumer electronics industry.Driven by the 5G era, the increase of frequency bands requires more RF components. The increase in the number of RF front-end devices has led to an increase in PCB demand. At the same time, high-speed and large-capacity have become the development trend of the PCB industry, and more stringent requirements are imposed on frequency and number of layers. Kingford will also optimize this to achieve further breakthroughs.


5G communication equipment will be the core driving force of the PCB industry in the next 3 years.With the development of 5g communication, the era of interconnection of all things is ready to take off, and communication PCB ushers in a new era. Kingford will continue to drive by technology and quality, adhere to the mode of production, research and development exhibition, and contribute to promoting the technological progress and industrial development of the industry.

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