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Professional Customized Industrial Control PCB Assmbly Services-Kingford

As we know, power supply, low-voltage electrical appliances , power electronics, machine vision, remote measurement and control communication, meter, sensor, inverter, motor drive, automation software,control elements, control system, human machine interface,embedded system, industrial Ethernet, industrial PC and so on are widely used industry control. By computer technology, microelectronic technology, and electrical means make the production and manufacturing process of the factory more automated, more efficient and more precise. Kingford, as one of professional PCB Assembly manufacturer, which mainly customize industrial control PCBA.

With more than 30years engineering experience team, Kingford factory has already manufactured many good quality industrial control PCBA for our customers, such as water meter, oscilloscope,UPS and high voltage power supply etc. Now we are very interested in offering our industrial control printed circuit board turnkey assembly service for more people.


To Custom Diverse Meters

● Water meter
● Electricity meter
● Thermometers
● Pressure gauge
● Oscilloscope
● Smart Meter
● Analyzer
● Transmitter
● Logger


To Custom Diverse Power Supplys


● Regulated Power Supply

● Variable Frequency Power Supply

● High Voltage Power Supply

If you are also looking for some industrial control PCB Assembly manufacturers, pls feel free to contact us. Kingford provides PCB, components resouring, PCB assembly and a full range of testing service. 


Kingford PCBA Testing Service Included

● AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection)
 Function Testing
● In Circuit Testing
● Testing Jig
● Testing Service
● X-Ray for BGA Testing

Meanwhile, we support fast prototype PCB Assembly within 7 days!

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