Expert PCBA Services for Range of Communication Network Products


Kingford specialists   provide services for the production of printed circuit boards, as well as installation, assembly, packaging and repairs in production in the desired place in the world.

1. Routers

2.Communications infrastructure

3.Broadband CATV RF tuner

4.CATV Set-Top Box

5.900 MHz emergency eFob Radio Systems


 Assembly of printed circuit boards

The main profile of our company is contract manufacturing of electronics, the main and important component of which is the assembly of printed circuit boards. We carry out radio installation both on an automatic line (serial projects) and on manipulators and manually (urgent projects, pilot batches).


Installation and assembly of electronic devices

● Input control of design documentation

● Making stencils

● Creation of test procedures for each product

● Bring up (first turn on) of prototypes

● Optical and X-ray assembly quality control

● Purchase of components for the project

● Assembly acceptance according to IPC standards

● Functional tests of assembled products

● Firmware, device check

One of the priority areas of our company is surface and lead-out assembly of printed circuit boards, production of harnesses and cables. Installation and manufacture of products is carried out in strict accordance with the provided technical documentation. We can manufacture for you both single products and perform assembly of a large series on automated assembly lines.


We have Cutting Edge latest Equipment

The boards are assembled using modern equipment and certified consumables from the best manufacturers in the industry. This makes it possible to maintain low prices for all types of assembly, including even the most complex printed circuit boards.

Fast-Turn services for the assembly of printed circuit boards:

● Assembly of mechanical and electromechanical components;

● Automatic and manual assembly of SMD (surface mount) components;

● Automated and manual pin mounting;

● Lead-free, lead-free and combined mounting;

● Lead-out wiring using selective soldering of lead-out components and wave soldering;

● Assembly / disassembly of BGA cases with X-ray control;

● Mixed one- and two-sided installation of any complexity;

● Filling with a compound and applying moisture-proof varnish coatings;

●Manufacture of cables and bundles by soldering and pressing;

● Dimensional cutting and stripping of wires.


Working with us, you get:

● Highly qualified engineering support of the order;

● Careful study of design documentation;

● Complete set of the product with electronic components and non-standard elements (including housings, radiators, fasteners, etc.);

● Production of stencils and installation of elements on high-tech equipment;

● Quality control of installation with modern optical equipment and highly qualified specialists of quality control department.


Completion of orders:

The blocks transferred for production can be completed with our elements, either partially or 100%.

We work only with trusted suppliers of components.


The latest PCB assembly technologies allow:

● Place all components with high precision;

● Significantly reduce the size of the fee;

● Automate product assembly processes;

● Perform assembly of printed circuit boards from small batches to series of several thousand boards per shift;

● Improve product quality.

For automated SMT mounting, we offer the production of stencils from beryllium bronze and stainless steel using laser cutting and etching methods. The materials used in production make it possible to produce stencils with a thickness of 0.1 mm; 0.13 mm; 0.15mm and 0.2mm. 

 You can send us the documentation for the stencils by e-mail (in any format), our specialists will estimate the cost of their production during the day.


Our capabilities:

● From 1 piece to large series;

● Automatic installation of SMD elements (from 0201), BGA components, CSP and QPF microcircuits with a small lead pitch;

● Lead and lead-free soldering of components;

● X-ray control of the quality of soldering of BGA components;

● Semi-automatic and manual assembly of output components (DIP);

● Assembly of flexible printed circuit boards;

● Final assembly of products;

● Testing, setting up products;

● Climatic and mechanical tests;

● Manufacturing of metal and plastic body parts;

● Production of products with acceptance "5".


We have the Best Pricing Plans for your Future PCBA

The calculation of the cost of assembling the boards and completing the order is made individually according to the customer's documentation. Together with you, we will select the most optimal production option, and our qualified specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

The use of automatic assembly of printed circuit boards is cost-effective only when ordering large quantities of the same type of boards. For the production of small batches of printed circuit boards, the company uses manual assembly using soldering stations of foreign manufacturers and manual solder paste dispensers. 


Get a Professional Service from Chinese Leading Company

The verified technologies of manual assembly and the professionalism of our specialists allow us to obtain high quality printed circuit boards that fully comply with international standards

The choice of technologies for manual or automatic assembly of printed circuit boards gives us the opportunity to fulfill orders of any degree of complexity and in any quantity.

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