The company pays special attention to quality control of the services provided. By fulfilling the orders of our clients, we take full responsibility for the manufactured products. When placing orders for turnkey production, our customers receive from us finished products with a specified warranty period. 


We Possess Professional Industry Certification

PCB quality is one of our top priorities. We work only with the best European manufacturers. The boards manufactured at European enterprises comply with GOST 23752, at foreign ones - with international IPC standards.

√ ISO14001

√ ISO9001

√ ISO13485

√ IATF16949

√ UL

√ IPC Membership

The main stages of control:

Component quality

High-quality components are the basis for the reliability of the future product. We use official supply channels when placing orders for components. Our warehouse has all the necessary conditions and equipment for storage, repackaging and preparation of components for subsequent production.

Build Quality of Electronic Modules

Installation quality control is carried out in several stages. Inspection of SMD components on assembled boards is provided by optical inspection of conveyor-type printed circuit boards and optical inspection of printed circuit boards. Also, at all stages of installation, a visual check is carried out. The final output check of the soldered boards is provided by the quality control department.

Product build quality

Quality control at the request of the customer, according to the flow chart and / or assembly instructions.

Quality of order support services

We strive to provide our clients with a high level of service, constantly improving the technology of our work. The main directions of development of our services can be identified:

  ● Automation of the order processing process. Improving the terms of preparation of commercial proposals while maintaining the price parameters of the project;

  ● informing about the status of the order from the moment of its placement to full implementation;

Improvement of document flow

Ultimately, we try to provide our clients with the maximum comfort when choosing services.

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