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We adjust our process depending on the customer's needs. We provide a follow-up service where it doesn't matter where the customer wants to start, whether it's in the Design, Development, Prototyping or even industrialization phase. Our goal is to guide the customer to a quality electronic product of oil and gas pcb assembly where Kingford is also able to ship the product worldwide.

Kingford Oil & Gas, with the acquisition of the Certain Source Technology (CST) Group, has been providing outsourced manufacturing and engineering services for over 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry. Kingford have rich experience in providing low to high volume oil and gas industry electronic assemblies. High temperature resistance assemblies for simple and complex projects. 


Simple Engineering and Electronic production process

With Kingford having its own resources in the various stages of the engineering and electronic production process, our work proposal is very flexible. We can collaborate in the initial design and development process, only in the realization of physical prototypes or in the industrialization of existing prototypes to prepare them for series production.


We own Advance Equipment System with Expert Staff

 If this whole process is already thought out and optimized, then at Kingford we can manage the supply chain for electronic components and manufacture your boards and your electronic products using advanced production equipment. We carry out quality control tests on the electronic boards, proceed to the final assembly of the products and ship worldwide.



We design and manufacture custom oil and gas industry PCBs in various accuracy classes, ranging from simple single-sided and double-sided to high-tech boards, which include:

●  Multilayer (up to 64 layers) with blind (blind) and hidden vias;

●  Flex-rigid and flexible boards;

●  Printed circuit boards with impedance control;

●  Aluminum pcb;

●  Microwave boards, etc.

Customers are offered services for the urgent production of samples and small batches with a lead time of up to 3 days, manufactured in the Russian Federation. And also serial deliveries from Southeast Asia and Europe.


We use High Quality FR4 Materials

Only high quality FR4 material is used in the production of double-sided and four-layer PCBs. For boards with a large number of layers, we use FR4 High Tg, which is more resistant to high temperatures, which is especially important when using lead-free technologies.


Production of Electronic Equipment

For the production of flexible-rigid and flexible printed circuit boards, we use polyimide, and for microwave boards: Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, FAF and others.

Professionally supplies components for the production of electronic equipment. Our supply line is backed by seventy formal agreements with component manufacturers as well as over two hundred contracts with global and regional distributors. 

The company's warehouses maintain a significant stock of components. This allows us to offer a competitive price level and short delivery times when forming a BOM proposal for electronic products.



You get predicted order completion times. Violation of the delivery time of printed circuit boards without agreement with the customer entails penalties.



Provided by a multi-level control system at each stage of the production cycle. SMD quality is controlled by automatic optical inspection.



The manufactured product complies with the delivered technical specifications and standards of the International Association of Electronics Manufacturers (IPC).



We analyze the entire package of design documentation and give recommendations for improving the manufacturability of the product.



We guarantee the compliance of the designed printed circuit board with the requirements of the technical task.


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