Get Contemporary Medical PCB Assembly Solutions


Comprehensive Medical PCB Assembly China

We provide "Complete Solutions" in the field of electronic assemblies from small to medium volumes, using the most innovative and advanced technologies both in the production field. We can also supply your complete product from medical circuit boards to your own container assembly, also taking care of the direct shipment to your final customer.


Get Contemporary Medical PCB Assembly Solutions

 In the manufacture of medical printed circuit boards, we usually use basic materials and high quality materials that have all the necessary quality certificates, and we own certificate ISO13485. We are your best choose of Medical PCB manufacturer. 


Details of what we can assembly of Medical PCB Assembly

Many years of experience and a modern equipment park allow us to carry out assembly of printed circuit boards of any complexity, using all the most common types of assembly:

•  Fabrication and lay out

•  Components Sourcing

•  PCB Assembly (SMT+DIP)

•  PCBA testing

•  Turnkey assembly+Final testing

•  Packaging and shipment


Our PCBA products are widely used in the following categories:

•  Clinical diagnostic

•  Imaging systems (CT, MRT, PET, X-Ray, Ultrasound transcranial doppler system)

•  Monitoring

•  Surgery (Pacemaker)

•  Therapy systems (Ventilator, Ultrasound etc.)

•  Home care (Oximeter)

•  Laboratory

•  Dental

•  Ophthalmology

•  Otolaryngology 


Our Strict quality control system

We have always been specialized in the production of small and medium batches of PCB Assembly for the Medical Industry production, and focuses on "prototyping and small masing production". We have ISO13485,ISO9001 ect, which control quality through SMT process and IPC-3.


Industry Leading Medical Equipment Assembly Team

We can also provide you with the pcb master of your medical electronic project.
This type of service can offer you numerous advantages for the realization first of all of an optimized printed circuit and therefore of an assembled finished product of superior quality.

Starting from the idea alone, we can make your board quickly and at low cost.
We can make the 3D rendering of your project to optimize the volume and spaces of the electronic board produced; thanks to this the customer will be able to avoid making mistakes in the creation of any case.



Our customers range from medical to telecommunications, from industrial automation to automotive to reach research centers, universities and the military.

If you want to find Chinese leading PCB Assembly Company for medical equipment assembly. Kingford here, get your quote now.


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